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Could the Orthodox Church Transform Your Life? - John Vervaeke & Bishop Maximus

Video from John Vervaeke

"When we depart from tradition... what is it that we leave behind? This conversation is structured around the idea that the Eastern Orthodox church has multiple unique ideas, resources, and practices that could help create solutions for many of the symptoms of the meaning crisis that continue to show up in the world. Bishop Maximus (Marretta) is the Titular Bishop of Pelagonia, under the jurisdiction of the Holy Synod of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece. He does missionary work in Latin America and Africa; and is the Superior of the Hermitage of St. Ignatius, a Spanish-speaking Orthodox monastery on a mountain by Santa Cruz Naranjo, Guatemala. He also gives classes and lectures in philosophy, theology, history, and languages at St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary in Etna, California. Website:" from video introduction

"John Vervaeke, is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology. His work integrates science and spirituality to help solve the meaning crisis. He hosts an extensive Youtube video lecture series entitled, Awakening from the Meaning Crisis and has taken part in numerous public dialogues to explore the topic."


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