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Converts But Not Disciples: The Need for Everyday Theologians

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Coverts But Not Disciples: The Need for Everyday Theologians
Coverts But Not Disciples: The Need for Everyday Theologians

Coverts But Not Disciples: The Need for Everyday Theologians

For all the Christian literature and study aids available on-line and otherwise to Christians today, Biblical illiteracy is at an all time high.

All of us are theologians to one degree or another or we should be. This is not a call to be an academic, far from it.

Academic theologians have their place but it is the "everyday theologians" that are living life in a fallen world with their own sin natures that God makes more Christ-like.

Today most American or even Western Christians have so fallen into secular thought that they are blinded to their lack of faith.

If we take these statistics at face value this is what we are seeing today:

  • 48 percent of evangelicals believe that “God learns and adapts to different circumstances.”

  • 65 percent of evangelicals believe that “Everyone is born innocent in the eyes of God.”

  • 56 percent of evangelicals believe that “God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.”

  • 43 percent of evangelicals believe that “Jesus was a great teacher, but he was not God.”

This is amazing as these are the stated beliefs of the more New Age/Universalist religions of our day!

The Breakdown

For most but certainly not all churches in America a social gospel of fun and shallow thinking has been substituted for a devout love for God and a life centered around Christ. We have become seduced by the culture. We are lazy and prefer to be entertained than to worship or learn more about our Lord and how to live a life modeled after His.

To disciple our families and those around us we must first learn and know about Christ and the Christian Way of Life.

This of course can only be accomplished by us being mentored by the Person of the Holy Spirit! We can't do it with our own intellect or strength.

The need has never been greater!!

The world around us is evil and we are depraved sinners in need of God's grace and mercy.

Pray, Study, Discuss and Read

Theology is words about God and the ultimate Reality that surrounds us.

Theology is understanding who God is and orienting our lives to him.

You can do this in many ways and there is no expectations to be scholarly or know a lot of information.

To live a life well lived theology is God’s ordained means to acheive that.

Read the Bible daily, develop a plan of some kind, there are many available.

Study what you can in books, on-line, in discussion with friends. Even discussions with unbelievers is fruitful!

There are many excellent videos on You Tube and elsewhere that teach and are about Theology and many are on this website.

The story of your life in Christ is lived out as an everyday theologian.

We all do theology when we teach, pray, study and sing. We don't stop there as we also do theology at work, while on vacation, as we care for and counsel our grandchildren or help our aging parents. The theology of knowing about our Lord should also mean we are closer to the living Christ. Through that relationship which includes the Person of the Holy Spirit we fight sin, raise our children, mourn the loss of loved ones, spend our money, and grow old.

Praise be to God!!

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