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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

"Dr. John MacArthur is—far and away—America’s greatest Bible teacher. In 2015, I had a burning desire to understand what the Bible really meant, however, everywhere I searched, all I found was grossly undereducated men who called themselves “preachers” or “pastors” who were chiefly interested in: 1. Making money 2. Gaining popularity 3. Spreading a false gospel It was quite obvious to me they had very little Biblical knowledge. MacArthur, on the other hand, has a vast knowledge of the Bible and goes to great pains to explain it so articulately. I can honestly say that he changed the direction of my life. I am forever grateful to find such a wonderful teacher. Therefore, I’ve created this YouTube channel in order to propagate his accurate and thorough Biblical teachings." from video introduction.

Are Christians today trying to do God's work the Devils way?

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