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Culture Care and Journalistic Integrity: Ivan Penn

Video from Biola University

"New York Times Journalist Ivan Penn giving a guest lecture at Biola University's Calvary Chapel" from video introduction.

"Ivan Penn is a prize-winning journalist who works as the alternative energy correspondent for The New York Times. He formerly worked for the Los Angeles Times, the Tampa Bay Times, the Baltimore Sun and the Miami Herald. A graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, Ivan was the first African American editor-in-chief of the schools national awarding winning student newspaper, the Diamondback. In 2005, he was named a John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University. And in 2014 he won the Gerald Loeb Award, the highest honor in business journalism. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Ivan Penn"

"There are those who want me dead? The threats are palpable, so much so that I've had employers offer to move my family and me. I've had police officers parked outside of my home for protection. I've even been given a metal pepper spray stick to ward off would be attackers. The question is what is so threatening about a man with a pad and a pen. It's not a modern day concern. You know, Napoleon said four hostile newspapers are more to be feared then a thousand bayonets..." from transcript.

We live in a time when people do not want to be responsible for their sin and bad behavior. We have become arrogant and irresponsible by and large, even many Christians giving in to pride, hate and sin.

So we have journalists and others attempting to report the truth and have their lives threatened because of it.

As Christians we must not dishonor our Lord by thinking and acting like the world around us. Andy


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