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Cyril and Methodices

"Brothers, Cyril and Methodius—were among the earliest missionaries taking the Bible to an unreached people! The Duke of Monrovia, today’s Czech Republic, asked the Byzantine Emperor to send missionaries to the Slavic people. Two brothers, Cyril and Methodius volunteered—translating the Gospels, the psalter, as well as Paul’s letters into the language of the people. They also began a liturgy in everyday vernacular, highly unusual at the time. All of which led to opposition and charges of heresy from the clergy in Germany. Their missionary work continued for over 16 years, including developing the Cyrillic alphabet still in use today, allowing them to make the Bible translation that ultimately spread throughout the Slavic nations! Engage with the Bible—in the impact surrounding this Book of Books! Copyright © 2016 Museum of the Bible. All rights reserved." from video introduction.

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