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Death Spiral - We're in an Epidemic of Narcissism and Bad Decision Making - Jordan B. Peterson

Video from Follow the Science

"Just like an army of ants in the animal kingdom, individuals, groups and even whole societies are sometimes caught up in a death spiral. A vicious cycle of self-reinforcing dysfunctional behavior. According to prof. Schippers, a death spiral is characterized by continuous flawed decision making where one bad decision leads to another, which can even lead to the collapse of an individual, group or society. This conversation with Prof. Jordan B. Peterson was recorded backstage at RAI Amsterdam sept 25th 2022, just before his Beyond Order show. You can hear the venue calling people to their seats (and Prof. Peterson to the stage). Prof. Jordan Peterson says that an important problem is wilful blindness, people keep themselves intentionally unaware of facts, i.e. they turn a blind eye. Another problem he points out is an epidemic of narcissism, or self-love. As a solution he thinks people should become more involved in society.." from video introduction


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