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Decoding UAP (UFO) Sightings: Insights from a 747 Pilot - with Christiaan van Heijst

The evidence of craft and entities is volumous!

More and more people are coming forward with information, photos and experiences.

It is understandable that even skilled pilots and others can make mistakes or misidentify. I give the skeptics that much.

The complexity of "The Phenomenon" is off the charts and most people are seeing only a snapshot.

The facts are we know very little.

There are I believe craft and bodies (not alien but spiritual or of this earth).

I also believe that the people within the speicial access programs and military, corporate compartments that possess these crafts/bodies etc. also have no real knowledge.

These craft, if thats what they are have been seen more and more by many people.

In the excellent video below from Merged Podcast Ryan Graves interviews a seasoned pilot and photographer about what he has seen in the past.

Video from Merged Podcast

Decoding UAP (UFO) Sightings: Insights from a 747 Pilot - with Christiaan van Heijst

"Host Ryan Graves interviews Christiaan van Heijst in this episode, exploring his vast decades of flying planes where he details several experiences of witnessing anomalies that he can't explain. Today, he explains those Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) sightings with us and the photos that he has captured of these unexplainable objects in the sky. Christiaan shares his story over working in aviation, finding passion in photography, and his curiosity with UAP (UFO) after having several strange encounters while flying. === TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 1:36 Christiaan’s Military Aviation Background 18:56 Current Aviation Work 21:07 Photography as a Pilot 28:15 Discussing UAP (UFO) 38:28 Tools for Determining Flight Threats 40:54 Possible UAP Sightings 53:38 Do Other Pilots See These? 1:03:50 UAP (UFO) Encounters that Remain Mysterious 1:11:39 Bringing Awareness to this 1:15:01 Christiaan’s Most Recent Sighting 1:28:49 Conclusion === Christiaan van Heijst Christiaan is a Dutch airline pilot who's been flying since the age of fourteen. He started his career flying turboprops in Africa and Afghanistan, flew the Boeing 737 for four years and has been flying the Boeing 747 for the last twelve years. He's logged over 9,500 flight hours and is now a captain on the 747. Parallel to his flying career, he is an award-winning photographer specializing in photography from the flight deck." from video introduction

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