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Deshi - The Life of a Bonsai Apprentice in Japan

Updated: Jan 26

God has given us a gift of expression through the many elements that He made this world of.

In addition to the many things like graphite and pigment God also allows us to take living things like trees and change them into a different kind of beauty.

The Japanese Art of Bonsai represents that intersection.

In the video below we are introduced to people who have traveled from around the world to apprentice with a master of the art.

Deshi - The Life of a Bonsai Apprentice in Japan

"Undertaking a bonsai apprenticeship in Japan is no small feat - it requires fortitude, foresight, and an unwavering passion for the art. This episode follows the story of four current bonsai apprentices at Fujikawa Kouka-en Garden in Osaka, Japan." from video introduction

"Bonsai, (Japanese: “tray-planted”) living dwarf tree or trees or the art of training and growing them in containers.

Bonsai specimens are ordinary trees and shrubs (not hereditary dwarfs) that are dwarfed by a system of pruning roots and branches and training branches by tying with wire. The art originated in China, where, perhaps over 1,000 years ago, trees were cultivated in trays, wooden containers, and earthenware pots and trained in naturalistic shapes. Bonsai, however, has been pursued and developed primarily by the Japanese. The first Japanese record of dwarfed potted trees is in the Kasuga-gongen-genki (1309), a picture scroll by Takashina Takakane.." from the article: Bonsai

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