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Diana Pasulka: Dark Night of the Soul, Jung, Heidegger

Updated: Jul 13

Video from Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal

Diana Pasulka: Dark Night of the Soul, Jung, Heidegger

"Professor of Religion Diana Pasulka discusses Jung, Heidegger, and the recent UFO hearings.

TIMESTAMPS: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:03:24 Diana's journey from "atheist" ⇒ "agnostic" (with respect to the phenomenon) 00:07:17 Nuns who saw orbs, every night, then prayed... 00:11:45 What are "beliefs"? 00:12:27 Atheists who believe in God 00:19:50 Spiritual vs Religious (and the Secularization thesis) 00:22:58 UFOs (or the belief in) are like a religion 00:29:37 Psychedelics and religion 00:37:01 Getting flack because of covering the phenomenon 00:39:42 To the skeptics: it's rational to believe in UFOs 00:47:38 Atheism is NOT like a religion, though it can be dogmatic 00:49:18 It's false to say "religions tell you what to think" 00:55:03 The case for dogma 01:01:06 Heidegger on technology not being just another tool 01:06:04 Heidegger and Jacques Vallée 01:10:03 Why do those who study the phenomenon tend to be Catholic? 01:13:49 How the Vatican views UFOs 01:15:12 Are religious stories interpreting UFOs, or are we interpreting UFOs materialistically? 01:20:05 Near Death Experiences, UFOs, and Dean Radin 01:22:35 How the CIA / DOD / etc. work (the nefarious strategies) 01:26:33 Graham Hancock 01:26:57 What Diana uncovered, that she shouldn't have 01:29:45 Roswell and the Promethean myth 01:31:10 The dangers (and reality) of CE5 01:33:48 Bob Lazar is considered credible by many, behind the scenes 01:36:02 Protecting yourself against disinformation 01:38:08 Academic Openness vs. Governmental Closedness 01:42:39 SpaceX (does Musk know?) / Writing in Latin for "them" 01:47:52 Images of the "patches" and Latin 01:48:18 The president is a "short timer" (this is why he / she isn't told the truth) 01:49:02 Who is Tyler? Why is he significant? 01:50:48 Does the gov't believe they understand what's behind UFOs? 01:52:01 We're dealing with MULTIPLE phenomenon, not just one 01:52:51 Biblically accurate angels 01:55:26 Physical evidence pertaining to purgatory 01:57:36 What's the point in collocating UFOs with religion? 02:02:10 Who is the modern Heidegger? 02:05:21 Jung and UFOs 02:08:00 Plato's Cave and the view that certain people have shackled us 02:12:54 Sangha as The Answer to deception 02:15:57 Proposition vs Participatory knowledge 02:18:46 Rediscovering meaning, Heidegger, Weinstein, and the TOE project 02:22:09 Experiential vs Analytical approach to understanding God 02:24:52 Lovecraft, and the perils of an "open mind" 02:27:14 Epistermic Shock vs Ontological Shock 02:38:10 The importance of Sangha 02:41:21 [Juliano Vargas] Reconciling religion with ET (and does ET believe in a Supreme Creator?) 02:42:15 [Numb Her Two] How has Diana's faith been affected? 02:44:27 Why does the Hitchhiker effect occur? 02:45:32 Angels... Demons... What is the THIRD (religiously interpreted) option? 02:46:45 Rosicrucianism and Gnosticism 02:50:52 Kurzweil's Singularity / Omega Point / UAPs 02:55:14 Jung and the UFO archetype (continued) 02:56:10 UFO hearings (May 2022) 03:00:23 [Tupacabra] Catholic Church, Remote Viewing, Thomas Campbell, and Jacques Vallée 03:05:54 Podcasts being sanctioned behind the scenes for disclosure #DisTOEsure03:09:05 Disinformation on podcasts." from video introduction.

Diana Pulsuka is an excellent researcher and writer and her investigation into religion and the UAP Phenomenon is very thought provoking and informative. If you can take time to watch the entire video. - Andy


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