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Does It Matter to All of Us that the Events in the Bible Took Place?

Jonathan Pageau Q&A with Royal Northern College of Music

Video from Chris Newton

"Nov 9, 2022

0:42 Religion as symbolic patterns 4:58 Does it matter that the events in the Bible really happened? 10:12 Is music a metaphor for "living in harmony" with each other? 12:47 Symbolic patterns are like fractals 18:38 Contemporary Art 25:04 Advice for composing liturgical music 27:27 Relativism disregards human nature 37:03 Samuel Andreyev: There has been no innovation in the last 50 years of contemporary music 42:01 Beauty is hard-wired into our biology 44:40 Is Modernism inevitable? 53:19 Was music created or discovered? 1:00:09 Is Christian art heretical? 1:05:15 Is there something transcendent underneath symbolism? 1:07:55 What are your thoughts on psychedelics? 1:11:48 Making art that is compatible with symbolic patterns 1:16:25 Dangers of New Age religious thinking & the necessity of dogma 1:27:12 Does orthopraxy (right action) require orthodoxy (right belief)? 1:28:46 Thoughts on "spirituality without religion"? 1:33:18 The dangers of dogma 1:49:24 Love is the Opposite of Addiction; Humility is the Opposite of Pride" from video introduction

In this excellent Q & A held at the Royal Northern College of Music with Jonathan Pageau many interesting topics are discussed!

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