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Does the "Birth - Gap": Declining Worldwide Birthrates - Thwart God's Plans?


Humanity is self-destructive.

In our current default state to SIN we move forward two steps and go back ten.

All of the imagined utopias and schemes to make mankind better, from eugenics to communism have been failures.

Even today in America we see the vain attempts of authoritarianism (Trump) and the evil views of wokism, both historically self-destructive.

We are all selfish.

We are born that way.

The myth that people are basically good is just that and history shows us that even the most boring and bland person can become a death camp guard.

In America today "mass murders" are the norm.

Evil is now blatantly before us, come out of the shadows.

What is truth is called lies and what are lies are deemed truth.

Lawlessness has become respectable.

Having Children Out of Duty

For most of humanities existence since the Fall having children has been an obvious duty and necessity. To begin with many children died young. Large families were not only needed to perpetuate the family genetics, but to survive in a hostile world.

Having children was a given, a duty to keep society growing.

Not having children, unless biology precluded it was unthinkable.

But of course what was previously unthinkable is now normal.

The Immanent Frame & The Buffered Self

The “buffered self” is the name give by philosopher Charles Taylor to describe an individual in our culture who is isolated from any transcendent reality, that is, God ‘s presence.

In the worlds and Americas devolution into chaos we have bought into the idea of materialism, naturalism and the denial of any transcendent reality.

We see it lived out everyday in the wholesale deceptions of our politics and the explosion of lawlessness.

Our pride will be our downfall.

God's Purposes are Never Thwarted

The illusion of control is a delusion.

Men believe they wield power over nations when in fact they are, by way of their pride, sin and hardened hearts actually serving God.

This too is illustrated by history.

Despite the worldwide epidemic of "lack of fruitfulness" God will turn whatever sins we perpetuate toward His glory.

That means no amount of abortions or lack of births will keep The Kingdom of God from moving to the end of History.

The Epidemic That Dare Not Speak Its Name | Stephen J Shaw

Video from Jordan B Peterson

"Peterson draws upon his extensive research and relatable real-life experiences to illustrate how to develop attainable goals for intimate relationships, meaningful friendships, and your career. Transform the chaotic potential of the future into actuality — with a vision. Dr. Jordan B Peterson and Stephen J Shaw discuss the Birthgap, a term recently coined by Shaw– and the subject of his new documentary by the same name. In this interview, they examine the long building but invisible causes of what may be the most pressing issue facing the western world in the next few decades. Worst case scenario: total societal collapse due to a lack of new children being born, and a rise in senior citizens living longer. Stephen is a British national who has studied and lived on three continents. He trained as a computer engineer and data scientist before starting his first film project, “Birthgap,” at age 49. He is president and co-founder of the data analytics company, Autometrics Analytics LLC. Stephen holds an MBA graduate business degree from ISG in Paris, France, and is continuing his studies at Harvard Extension School." from video introduction

Birthgap - Childless World PART 1 (English Version)

Video from Birthgap

"The era of ultra-low birthrates has begun. But why are people having so few children these days? And what are the consequences ? Come on a journey of discovery across 24 countries to find the reason and also the future consequences for young and old alike. This is Part 1 of Birthgap - Childless World. (c)" from video introduction


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