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Don't Just "Feel" Your Faith: Understand and Defend it.

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Video from Melissa Dougherty

"What do we do when "just have faith" isn't enough? What makes Christianity different from other religions? Does your affiliation with Christianity feel more like an accident than an informed decision? I sat down with J.Warner Wallace to talk about one of my favorite books he's written (... okay probably my most favorite...) about what it means to have what he calls a "forensic faith". We attempt to make a case for why we even need to make a case for Christianity, an apologetic for apologetics. One reason why I really fell in love with apologetics so long ago was that it satisfied a deep need for a more rich, robust, and *full* faith that didn't just rely on my subjective experience or what I felt was true. Literally, anyone of any belief system can have that. But Christianity? Was there evidence for this? Could I fall back on what was objectively true when feelings ultimately failed? Should I shelve my doubts entirely and ignore them or can I face them head-on and ask questions and honestly wrestle with Scripture to draw a deeper and more powerful reason for why I believe what I do? Answer: Yes." from video introduction.

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