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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Video from DTBM

"DINOSAURS & DRAGONS (GENESIS 1-2) REJOICE IN OUR CREATOR GOD. Would you join me at the Creation week? It was quite a world God made! GOD CREATED THE LAND THAT FLOURISHED WITH PLANTS v. 9-13 God created the land that flourished with plants v. 9-13. The power of growth in plants is astounding! A sunflower will produce 4,000 seeds from one seed planted. A kernel of corn can do better than that. If every kernel produced by one seed were planted again at the end of the harvest and again at the end of the second year, all of the USA could be planted with the 3rd year's crop. That is today. What about then? What is THE FOSSIL EVIDENCE of "Special Creation?" As we have seen, the fossils of invertebrates, the most abundant by far of all fossils, do offer strong support for the concept of creation. But let's look now at fossil evidence from other groups. Fossil Plants are the same today! Did you ever wonder what kind of plants the dinosaurs tromped around on? The answer may surprise you. These unfamiliar animals, now extinct, wandered around among some very familiar plants: oak, willow, magnolia, sassafras, palms, and other such common flowering plants. In the geologic sequence, the flowering plants first appear suddenly and in great diversity in Cretaceous ("dinosaur") rock. Darwin was aware of the situation and called the origin of these plants "an abominable mystery." As my professor of paleobotany summarized it, nothing has happened in the last 120 years to solve that mystery. As far as the fossil evidence is concerned, we simply find different varieties of the same types of plants we have today, plus extinction in many cases. In Lincoln County, Wyoming, almost perfect specimens of fish, turtles, insects, and mammals have been found together with huge palm leaves, from 6 to 8 feet in length and from 3 to 4 feet wide. Even more significantly, trillions of tons of vegetation much of it perfectly preserved, even to leaves and flowers, have been buried in all parts of the world, including Antarctica in the form of coal. Each foot of coal represents many feet of compressed plant remains, and some coal seams are as much as thirty or forty feet in thickness. Obviously, no such process of coal formation is going on today, and the so-called "peat-bog theory" is a poor attempt to cope with this problem." from video introduction.

What do you think of this point of view?

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