Dying for Freedom?

Video from The New York Times

Occasionally I watch an episode of the so called Reality program "Alone". In it I often hear people saying they have freedom as they starve, are chased by bears and go into deep depression. As humans we have a distorted view of freedom as we do everything else in fact freedom can substituted for pride much of the time.

Now I have no intentions of trying to convince anyone to get a Covid - 19 Vaccine. We all know that by and large this is a political point of view and not a medical one. I think there is also overwhelming evidence that there is less and less any sense of community in our nation regarding covid and many other areas of life.

There is no common sense of facts for most people they seem to thrive on hearsay and social media posts as alternative facts and reality. If we cant believe any media anymore as many claim THEN what they cite is also counted as fake.

If there is no standard of truth then society collapses.

Many doom sayers are predicting America as we know it will collapse in 20 years time. This may or may not be the case. God remains sovereign.

Our individual selfishness/sin an pride is now on full display for all to see and we cannot hide behind God or our Nation.

Someone recently said we have the right to choose to refuse something and then die due to that decision. So we do but should we?

If we as Christians claim to seek Christ likeness we must actually live that life and not just say we do. Christ cared about other people not just HIS right to do something, we should aspire for the same!

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