Eckhart Tolle — Life Beyond the Mind (Becoming Wise)

Video from The On Being Project

What is your inner voice? We are conscious beings given the spark of life by God the Father. We are a body with a soul. Our consciousness has been called the hard problem because science cannot explain it.

Philosopher Eckhart Tolle discusses our inner voice (the power of now) and some insights about how he thinks it works.

"Am I hearing God? Or am I only hearing myself? Worse yet, am I hearing the temptations of Satan disguised as the leading of the Holy Spirit? Sometimes distinguishing our own ideas from God’s leading is difficult. And what if our urges are actually coming from the enemy of our souls and not from God? How do we “take every thought captive” (2 Corinthians 10:5) when we aren’t sure where the thoughts are coming from?" from video introduction

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