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Embracing Interruptions

Embracing Interruptions
Embracing Interruptions

Embracing Interruptions

As disciples of Jesus in world today we face many challenges.

If you are anything like me you plan for certain things to be done or take place for the days tasks and needs to be met.

But the practical world around us does not run by our efficient designs. Without exception we will be interrupted in what we do.

How then do we respond to the interruptions, inefficiencies, and unforeseen delays that litter our days?

In our selfish individualistic culture we are taught to prioitize our desires over that of other people. But that is not what our Lord taught or embodied when he was incarnate upon the earth.

How to Embrace Interruptions

Like our Lord we begin by moving toward lowliness in general. In our sphere of influence do we see the lost and lonely, the bruised and broken? Do we stop and take time to wrap our gentleness around vulnerable and bestow honor on weak? Just as the living Christ left the highest place for the lowest, we must also live with humility.

Reflecting upon our own selish desires and realizing we must remain humble in all things helps us to accept interruptions with grace and mercy.

As we receive interruptions we take them on as God's calling to us, be it an interruption by a child, or an adult, we take care of those before us.

God often hands us important work to do, which we might think is too important to be delayed, and then he asks us to trust him through many interruptions.

Sovereign Delays

Many of us believe we are more important than we are.

When we have become too proud we think we have outgrown God's grace.

the same God who is sovereign over our salvation is also sovereign over our schedules, including all of the numerous interruptions.

Selfishly we want to move through our daily tasks without any interruptions but God wants us to trust him in every interruption. God therefore will regularly, daily, disrupt our plans and goals.

Faith, not efficiency, is God’s main agenda for us each day.

So learn and pray, start trusting deeply in the sovereignty of God by learning to leave enough margins in your day for His sovereign interruptions.

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