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End Times Prophecy Obsession by Dr. Michael Heiser

Video from Great Sermons & Speeches

"End Times Prophecy Obsession by Dr. Michael Heiser Picture: Hovhannavank (Surb Hovhannes Vank) is an Armenian Apostolic Church monastery located in the village of Ohanavan in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia. It is situated atop a steep gorge carved by the Kasagh river." from video introduction.

Are you obsessed with The End Times? Do you think more about The End Times than The Gospel or more than you pray? Right now many Christians and so called evangelicals are trying to usher in The End Times through politics, fantasy and wishful thinking. Fortunately for us God does not work that way or respond to our fickle desires.

Ever since Christ Ascended to be at The Right Hand of The Father his return has been imminent, which means it could happen anytime.

Our part in his Kingdom does not include obsessing over The End or listening to false profits rattle off the latest prediction.

Spend your time in prayer, repentance, reading scripture and serving those around you. leave THE END to God!

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