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Enemies Within: How Americans Destroyed America - Armor of Truth (Brad Ward)

Video from Armor of Truth

"On today's show! How has this happened to America? That shining city on a hill that was always known for stability and a strong backbone of Christian faith has fornicated with and fallen into the arms of the Babylonian prostitute known as compromise. Young people are being targeted by “Christian” bands like Hillsong and Jesus Culture. Jesus Culture is known for its “prophetic worship.” Their aim is to “ignite revival in the nations of the earth” through global events. But their message obscures the true Gospel of Jesus Christ? What are these groups actually accomplishing through their music? Multitudes are being drawn into counterfeit Christianity! Throughout the centuries, churches have in various seasons been unable to meet due to persecution, geography, pandemics, or other limitations. God wasn't worried then, and he's not worried now. His plans will not be thwarted or undone. Because God made the church to gather. When we gather together with the saints today, we get the closest experience to heaven we can have this side of eternity. You don’t want to miss that. Written and Produced by Brad & Summer

Chapters 0:00 How To Subvert A Nation 8:00 Heresy American Style 36:36 61% of Christians Believe New Age 50:00 You Don't Need Church, Only God 1:16:40 Come out of her my people 1:32:26 Why Is Gathering Necessary?" from video introduction.

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