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Engage and Equip: A Christian Conversation about Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Part 1/4

This series of videos from Southern Evangelical Seminary give an excellent analysis of the UFO phenomenon from a more Christian perspective and understanding.

Engage and Equip: A Christian Conversation about Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Part 1/4

"In this first video, Dr. Brian Huffling, a professor at SES and a master’s student in the Air Force, shares his research on the topic of UFOs or UAPs and their implications for national security and the Christian worldview. He will cover some of the historical and current evidence for UFOs, as well as some of the different perspectives and interpretations of what they are and what they mean. He will also explore the possibility that UFOs are part of a spiritual control system that influences human consciousness and belief systems. He will draw from various sources, including official documents, radar data, witness testimonies, and occult traditions. This video will challenge you to think critically and biblically about this phenomenon and its implications for your faith and worldview. If you are interested in learning more about UFOs and how to respond to them from a Christian perspective, please watch this video and leave your comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos on apologetics, worldview, and culture. Thank you for watching!" from video introduction


"Many people throughout history and across the world have claimed to have seen UFOs and even have experiences with what are normally described as aliens. I’ve always had a casual interest in UFOs, but with the release of three Navy videos and the Unidentified documentary, I became more interested. It is probably safe to say that most people think that talk of UFOs and aliens is crazy; however, the evidence for such phenomena has been mounting to the point that the existence of UFOs is beyond question. This article will look at a brief history of UFOs, focusing mostly on the U.S., some of the claims people have made, an examination of prominent theories of what is going on, and an overall assessment.


It is popular to begin modern ufology (the study of all things UFOs) with Kenneth Arnold’s sighting of 9 objects flying, according to him, around 1700mph at Mt. Ranier, WA in June of 1947. Such was not actually the beginning of UFO sightings, even in the U.S. There was a massive wave of sightings (a wave of sightings is called a flap) around the country in the late 1890s of “airships.” Further, reported UFO activity (to include abductions) has gone on for millennia. (See Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times by Jacques Vallée and Chris Aubeck for a good history of ufology. Also, see Vallée’s Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers for an explanation of how the modern UFO phenomena is very similar to religion and folklore of the past.).." from Brian Hefflings website:

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