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Eugenics, Evil and Rebellion Against God

Eugenics, Evil and Rebellion Against God
Eugenics, Evil and Rebellion Against God

Eugenics, Evil and Rebellion Against God

Eugenics as we know it started in the early part of the twentieth century. Eugenics theory stated that selective breeding among humans would eventually eradicate undesirable physical traits, defects etc. Individuals, groups or anyone that possessed undesirable traits would be forcibly sterilized to prevent their reproduction.

The Theory of eugenics (“good genes”) Was very popular when it was introduced.

Then the Nazi's adopted it into their worldview in Germany.

Suddenly it was not so popular.

The Nazis perfected and carried out brutal methods and ideas of eugenic theory. One of those ideas was the attempted extermination of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and other unwanted and undesirable groups.

In our time new developments in genetic science have brought back to life some of the goals of the old eugenics worldview.

Our nation has adopted the eugenics of abortion on a massive scale with the results of over 68 million (estimates) lost lives and it continues to day.

Eugenics is evil and always has been when applied to humans made in God's image.

Can gene theraphy help people, heal people? Here is a link to an excellent article that explains gene therapy from a scientific point of view: Gene therapy: What is it and how does it work?

No doubt science will eventually connect certain character traits to genetic factors: trends in behavior toward violence, alcoholism, sexual promiscuity etc as examples. Will society place pressure on parents to kill unborn children who have these gentic markers?

Can we play God and attempt to rid the world of its worst offenders?

The Nazi worldview has reappeared.

God allows us to committ great evils within the perview of our sin nature yet God the Father, Christ Jesus and the Person of the Holy Spirit are always at work to reconcil and circumvent our self- destructive behaviors.

The video below offers a good overview of eugenics.

EUGENICS - Times IN Focus Full Documentary


"Part One - Times in Focus explores how Britain almost entered into the dark realms of eugenics. Part Two - Times in Focus investigates how the United States financed, inspired and influenced Adolf Hitler into the theory of eugenics and euthanasia." from video introduction

The United States Eugenics Movement: Outrage and What We Can Learn

"Every January we rightly turn our attention to Roe v. Wade — the poorly argued Supreme Court decision that was driven by ideology rather than by actual case law.

It was not the first unjustly decided case that impacted tens of thousands of vulnerable lives.

In the early decades of the 20th century in the United States, there were deeply held prejudices against the three types of people: the poor, those with disabilities of all kinds, and people of color. These prejudices, along with their social and scientific acceptability, made up the fabric of what became known as the eugenics movement.

The argument went something like this: if only we could prevent the births of ‘feeble-minded’ people, we could have perpetual prosperity in a society governed by morally upright people... from the article: The United States Eugenics Movement: Outrage and What We Can Learn

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