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Everything to Know About the Apostolic Fathers | Documentary

Video from Theology Academy

Everything to Know About the Apostolic Fathers - Documentary

"In Church History, there have been numerous Church Fathers (ancience and influencial theologians and writers of early Christianity). Some of the most significant to history are the Apostolic Fathers. These Fathers include Clement of Rome (Pope Clement I), Ignatius of Antioch, and Polycarp of Smyrna. In this video, we'll go over some of their most significant contributions to Christianity. Excerpt: One of the earliest Christian texts from the era immediately following the Apostles is the Didache (did-uh-KAY), a Greek term which means """"teaching"""" The translation of its longer and earlier title is """"The Teaching of the Lord Through the Apostles to the Nations."""" Theology Academy is an EdTech organization dedicated to enhancing religious literacy through accessible media and outreach. Learn more about Theology Academy at: https://www.theology-academy.org0:00 History of the Didache 7:59 The Apostolic Fathers & Clement of Rome's Letter to the Corinthians 13:03 Antioch 16:35 Ignatius of Antioch Biography 21:00 Ignatius' Seven Epistles 25:04 Polycarp of Smyrna Biography 31:55 Polycarp of Smyrna's Epistle to the Philippians 41:53 Epistle of Barnabas 47:41 Epistle to Diognetus" from video introduction

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