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Evil is Performative: "It Depends on Who's Looking!"

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Video from Indrid Cold

Evil is Performative: It Depends On Who's Looking

Evil runs through you and I, You don't have to look any further. Yet evil did not originate with us, with humanity but is perpetuated by our thoughts and deeds.

"The Problem of Evil" or suffering has been a problem that men have struggled to explain and for the most part cannot and will not this side of heaven understand. We obviously cannot understand it or solve through "Theodicies" or defense in our philosophy or Theology.

There have been several rebellions against God (that we are aware of) that involved disobedience and pride. As far as we know from scripture The Satan/The Accuser/The Father of Lies committed the first sin against God. Eve and then Adam followed in their rebellion. Some members of the Divine Council rebelled, bred with human women to produce an offspring of evil giants (The Nephilim). These cross bred humans were destroyed and their spirits now roam the earth as what we call Demons.

The possibility that aside from what we think we know about what exists in the invisible realm there exists within or without it entities we have not been made aware of by our Lord. If you watch the above video clip from the movie The Mothman Prophecies you will hear an entity tell the character John Kline that he has already seen him in the past, and that WHO is looking determines what He looks like.

Evil is performative, Demons and other creatures take on the forms of machines, and men in the time in which they are appearing. Angels and demons have already lived thousands of years and have observed humanity from the Fall in the Garden to Today! We are predictable to a fault. We are gullible and easily duped.

In the above video clip John Kline also asks the entity to describe what's in his hand, or what sentence in a book. When the entity describes these things John asks if he can read his mind to which Indred Cold replies, "I have no need to John." Lets us some common sense in realizing the Fallen Angels and demons that inhabit the invisible realm are around us all the time every day, in this rooms with us day and night. They see what you do, they hear what we say and they observe our behavior.

Shimmering Shapes and Shadow People

The amazing thing to me is the extraordinary variety of life we see on God's Good earth. And we only know about a fraction of what exists on our planet. If we look and think outside the box of what we cannot even begin to imagine all of the many things and creatures God has created that we know nothing about, have never encountered and may never encounter. Many new species of insects, sea creatures etc., are found every year.

Would the invisible realm not have creatures or other life forms we have never seen or will never see or perhaps we just catch glimpses of them?

In the past people have suggested that some of the things we see, the phenomenon and anomalies are life forms that briefly become visible and then disappear. We are in our wishful thinking quick to label these things ET but that is just speculation at best. Many so called UAO's/UFO's behave life life forms. Look under a microscope and watch how creatures move a fast speeds turning at right angles and hovering in the medium they are in. Is this so unlikely or we just not ready to consider it?

Take for example the many reports of shimmering humanoid shapes and shadow people. Lets not forget that we are often manipulated by Demonic creatures, possessed in some way, afflicted with physical problems etc. Even we as believers are influenced by way of temptation by Demonic creatures.

Could all of theses glimpses of something else be Demonic illusions for our benefit, to distract us from Christ? Of course, we would be foolish to not realize this.

Shadow People and The Hat Man | Who are they? What do they want?

Video from The Why Files

"Shadow People and The Hat Man | Who are they? What do they want? Here's how it happens. You're drifting off to sleep; or maybe you wake up in the middle of the night. You feel a presence in the room. You see something out of the corner of your eye. You try to look but you can't move. You try to call out, but you're unable to make a sound. There's an invisible weight on your chest. Even breathing is difficult. You strain to look and then you see it. The shadow of a person. You can't detect any features but every instinct you have tells you: this is entity is not friendly. You hear a light hum, maybe a rush of air and the dark entity vanishes. You've just encountered a shadow person. This one was pretty benign, but there are some shadow people sightings that are more intense. More real. These encounters can be traumatic and in some cases: violent. I should know. Because it happened to me." from video introduction

This video contains descriptions of shadow creatures reports by the public. Although anecdotal and unverified there have been many of these reports for a very long time.

My point is that we are very narrow minded to believe that mysterious unknown creatures would fit into our narrative (tainted as it is by culture and entertainment). Common sense would indicate an intelligent opposition which is demonic, very old and invisible to us and has powers over physical matter can manipulate us completely.

Are UFO's A Spiritual Phenomenon?

"Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena which have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists. Therefore, references to these subjects have been included as well as references to occult works which have similarities to the general tone and content of the UFO literature... UFO's Behave in Weird Ways...If UFOs are, indeed, somebody else’s “nuts and bolts hardware,” then we must still explain how such tangible hardware can change shape before our eyes, vanish in a Cheshire cat manner (not even leaving a grin), seemingly melt away in front of us, or apparently “materialize” mysteriously before us without apparent detection by persons nearby or in neighboring towns. We must wonder too, where UFOs are “hiding” when not manifesting themselves to human eyes...UFO's Follow Trends in Fiction...The first modern wave of documented UFO sightings occurred in what became known as the “airship waves” of 1886 and 1887 in the United States. Despite the description, the sightings occurred several years before any documented flights of airplanes or powered craft of any kind in the United States. At that time, the term “airship” was probably used to describe any sort of flying vehicle… UFO's Follow Trends in Fiction...It is intriguing to note that the manifestations came in a shortly-to-be-realized technological format. Toward the end of 1887, hints of “airship” activity were also reported in other countries around the world, although it was known that some European countries had motor-powered balloons by that time... UFO's Follow Regional Beliefs...If I’ve focused on the United States in this book, it’s because the abduction scenario hardly exists cross-culturally. People in Brazil or Kenya or Vietnam may see weird things in the sky, but rarely anything that comes down and kidnaps them for medical or sexual purposes. John Mack himself noted that UFO abduction reports are more frequent in “Western countries or countries dominated by Western cultural values.” This could change, though, as movies and TV shows like The X-Files get exported more widely...Thus, the way that UFOs appear (and their frequency) is hugely dependent on the beliefs that are present in a particular time and place. And they do things that are physically impossible. When you also consider the fact that alien “communications” (whether through abductions or other mediums) seem infatuated with telling people that they shouldn’t believe in Jesus Christ6, the case for their being an occult phenomenon becomes extremely strong...from the article: Are UFOs a Spiritual Phenomenon?

If we look closely at what little God has chosen to reveal to us about the unseen realm along with contemporary examples of exorcism and Demonic possession and activity we will see many of the phenomenon described in our current obsession with UFO's and Extraterrestrials.

The Spiritual Explanation is in fact a more logical explanation for this phenomenon and related anomalous appearances than Extraterrestrial life or craft.

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