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Evil Rampant in America & The Wild West of Gun Culture

Updated: Feb 29

The Wild West of Gun Culture
The Wild West of Gun Culture

Evil Rampant in America & The Wild West of Gun Culture

If you haven't noticed lately people are getting shot and killed for knocking on the worng door or pulling into the wrong driveway.

More and more guns don't seem to be protecting Americans in any way.

And the sad reply of the NRA that all we need is more good guys with guns has become the cry of fools.

I believe we all should have our second amendment right to bear arms.

But obviously like everything else in America we have lost what little common sense we had.

Our sin, greed and arrogance rules the day.

Sometimes God gives us what we want.

As the family has almost completely broken down in our society there is no one to talk about wisdom and restraint to the unhappy, suicidal and depressed among us.

Our radical self-expression and individualism is telling many that for their 15 minutes of fame they need to kill people!

Our social systems, welfare and other checks and balances do not recognize those people who are depraved and suicidal.

And we are to proud to recognize evil for what it is EVIL!

The Wild West is becoming the new norm in America.

We forget God but worship guns, we forget God and worship politicians hoping they will be our savior.

Just as you don't give the keys to the liquor cabinet to an alcoholic you don't give guns to sinful and evil people.

We seem to be paralized and unable to think straight. Our wish for more and more guns is coming true and that wish may kill your family member next!

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