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Exciting New Findings In A Medieval Manuscripts Treasure - Dr Benjamin Outhwaite

Video from Kedem

"Dr. Benjamin Outhwaite, Head of the Genizah Research Unit, takes us on a tour deep into one of the most amazing collections of manuscripts ever found - Cairo Genizah. This treasure of books, documents and fragments from late antiquity and the middle ages was stored for more than a thousand years in the attic of Ben Ezra synagogue in Cairo. Solomon Schechter, a Cambridge scholar, recognized the immense historical importance of the collection and brought it all to England. Amongst the 193,000 manuscript fragments of the collection there are manuscripts written by the great philosopher Maimonides, Rabi Moshe Ben Maimon, as well as palimpsests of the Early Christian thinker, Origen. Since its arrival to Cambridge the Cairo Genizah collection keeps attracting scholars and researchers from all over the world and provides us with a myriad of new insights about the rather obscure epoch of the Middle Ages. Dr. Outhwaite has been Head of the Genizah Research Unit in Cambridge University Library since 2006, having worked for the previous seven years as a Genizah researcher. Dr. Outhwaite received a B.A. in Hebrew Studies and an M.Phil. in Medieval Hebrew literature from Christ's College, Cambridge. His Cambridge Ph.D. thesis, on the grammatical description of Hebrew letters in the Genizah. A great part of the collection was digitized by the Taylor Schechter Genizah Research Unit and is now available to the public here:' from video introduction

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