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Exodus Rediscovered: Documentary

Video from InspiringPhilosophy

"It's time to look into if the Exodus is historical or not! We evaluate all the evidence for the exodus and ask if it is historical or not. This is a revised and updated version. The old one was removed last year. Sources are included throughout the video. Dr. Falk’s channel:" from video introduction.

An interesting twist from the producer of the above video...

Why I Took Down Exodus Rediscovered

It is never easy to admit you are wrong, but when it is necessary, it must be done. Most of all, I want to make sure my supporters are given accurate information to the best of my abilities. So if I feel I am wrong, then I feel like I am lying if I do not change my view and be open about it. I am sure a lot of people enjoyed the documentary and found it convincing. I obviously did when I decided to make it, but after talking it over with Egyptologist David Falk I admit there were a lot of things I overlooked. On the surface, when I was reading the scholarly literature, things did seem to line up. Early date Exodus supporters and some who were unsure on the date, who reviewed my video also seemed to think it was a plausible case. However, after further research, I feel as though this is the wrong time period for the Exodus. I’m sorry if this upset anyone. This doesn’t mean I think the Exodus never happened. The internal evidence that was presented in the documentary will appear again in an updated version. But the external evidence I presented is not evidence for an Exodus and I’ll explain why..." from the article: Why I Took Down Exodus Rediscovered

This gives us an opportunity to see how judgement and information changes... - Andy

Egypt & The Bible David A. Falk – Egyptologist, Bible Scholar, Author (link)


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