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EXODUS SUMMARIZED--Moses & How God Liberates His People From Satan's False Gods of Egypt

Video from DTBM

"WALK THROUGH THE SCRIPTURES EXODUS STUDY GUIDE Tonight, join me in the Dark splendors of ancient Egypt. Stand with me amid Moses and the Egyptian Plagues. Before him stretched the wonders of the Nile. • The forest of 50 to 70-foot red granite and limestone pillars ornately carved and painted with cartouches and hieroglyphics was impressive. • To stand before the living God-Pharaoh himself was threatening. • To be eighty years old [as Moses was] and to face the most powerful King of the Ancient Near East World of that time would be overwhelming! EXODUS: The WAY OUT... FTGC-05d & OTI-02 - 951122WE -' from video introduction.

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