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Explore a Unique Art School in the Dominican Republic - Ani Art Academies

Video from CBS Mornings

Explore a Unique Art School in the Dominican Republic - Ani Art Academy

"At Ani Art Academy in the Dominican Republic, students have an experience unlike any other. Many of the aspiring artists come from impoverished areas, so the non-profit changes lives in addition to teaching about art. CBS News' Meg Oliver reports." from video introduction

Ani Art Academies

"A common question I face when discussing the educational efforts of the ÀNI organization is why the educational focus is visual art. With so many useful academic and vocational programs available today—why choose a visual arts education?

A well-structured visual art education should offer many intrinsic benefits that transcend the parameters of the canvas. Productive skill-based curricula arena should utilize a theoretically sound schedule of rationally sequenced activities and experiences to effect development in a host of domains relevant to visual literacy and demonstrably deliberate visual communication. These domains include but are not limited to, visual-spatial skills, visual analysis skills, visual integration skills, fine motor control, automaticity, strategic planning, information synthesis, aesthetics, and procedural fluency..." from

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