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Exposing the Idols of Your Heart

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Exposing the Idols of Your Heart
Exposing the Idols of Your Heart

Exposing the Idols of Your Heart

Do you have idols?

Our idols today are many; 24 hour news, non-stop entertainment, social media, pornography, sports, and the list goes on. Our idols are even more ridiculous than the golden calf the Israelites made.

Most of us don’t want to expose our idols. We don’t want to admit especially to ourselves that we’ve made an idol out of politics, work, our relationships, or comfort. It’s just easier to rationalize that they’re not idols at all just some good things we sometimes focus on.

Time Keller said: “We never break the other commandments without breaking the first one.” The secret to change, then, is always to identify and dismantle the basic idols of the heart.”

We can appreciate the gifts of God without making them an idol. But if God’s gifts are the first things our mind turns to, then you may have identified a problem.

Romans 1:25: “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature” — anything that is created — “rather than the Creator.”

An idol is the thing or person loved more than God, desired and wanted more than God, treasured more than God. It could be the approval of people, your career, your hobbies, success in business. People make an idol of sex, or a musical group or musician.

As a Christian have you bought into our worlds view of pleasure and success? Think about it. What are your idols?

And better yet ask your self when was the last time your prayed? What were the bible scriptures you recently read from?

The Christian way of life means your Lord is on your mind all the time.

Turn to Christ from your idols and escape the wrath of God as God is for us in Christ on the cross.

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