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Fighting and Killing Sin I: Temptation and Testing

Video from Media Gratiae

Fighting and Killing Sin I: Temptation and Testing

"We at The Whole Counsel love Puritans. We have benefited so much from their sermons, prayers, and books, it is our delight to discuss them and hopefully whet your appetite to read their words. In this new series of podcasts, Dr. John Snyder is going to walk through two books from the Puritan, John Owen, with our longtime friend Jeremy Walker. In this first episode, Jeremy and John are discussing Owen’s, “On Temptation” and they discuss how to define, identify, and deal with temptation and testing. What are the differences and how should we approach them differently? Check out Jeremy’s podcasts From the Heart of Spurgeon and A Word in Season here: Temptation Resisted and repulsed by John Owen: The Mortification of Sin by John Owen: Volume 6 of the Works of John Owen:" from the video introduction

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