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Fighting and Killing Sin IV: Mortifying Sin

Video from Media Gratiae

Fighting and Killing Sin IV: Mortifying Sin

"The battle to mortify sin can seem exhausting, discouraging, and overwhelming. But it is a battle that we as Christians will fight and, ultimately, we will win. We have promises throughout Scripture making it clear that we will shed this fallen nature. We will see God without the barrier of sin between us. Christ will conquer all the sins in our lives. But while we live and breathe and walk in this life, that battle is not over. And we can never seek a respite from the battle. We must move forward in the battle. In this week’s episode, John Snyder and Jeremy Walker tackle more of John Owen’s helpful thoughts on mortifying our sins. They discuss what it means to put sin to death, what mortifying sin does not mean, and more. Check out Jeremy’s podcasts From the Heart of Spurgeon and A Word in Season here: Temptation Resisted and repulsed by John Owen: The Mortification of Sin by John Owen: Volume 6 of the Works of John Owen: Check out Jeremy’s book John mentioned: Jeremy’s book:" from the video introduction

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