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Focused on the Foolish: Forget the Pandemic/Vaccines - Repent!

man kneeling before cross

We cant seem to help ourselves, our sin natures rule much of the time.

We give in easily to social medias hate and folly.

Christians are dropping out of "The Way" in favor of political expediency and pop culture tribes.

While many people focus on the Pandemic, masks, the vaccines those same Christians go home and watch pornography, continue in adultery and other besetting sins. Our self-righteousness betrays us.

If we think God will save America because we are against restrictive Covid measures and vaccines while we return to our sinful ways, we lie to ourselves.

God is never mocked nor is He amused by our selective sinning.

Our daily repentance, actually changing our behavior is how we live in faith seeking to be as much like our Lord as possible.

We cannot stop evil not can a tribe or politics.

The victory of Christ over evil was and is decisive.

Christ is now on the throne.

Christian optimism understands that no world crisis as totally beyond help and no social trend as absolutely irreversible. Our optimism means we live in hope, a hope that is built on faith and that expresses itself in love.


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