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Frank Sutcliffe - English Photographer

Updated: May 22

Frank Sutcliffe - English Photographer

Frank Sutcliffe created photographs that offered a glimpse of everyday life in the world around him. His name is not recognized by many today however if you take time to look at his work you will be amazed.

"Francis Meadow (Frank) Sutcliffe 1853 –1941. an English pioneering photographic artist whose work presented an enduring record of life in the seaside town of Whitby, England, and surrounding areas, in the late Victorian era and early 20th century. His documentation of the Victorian and Edwardian periods in Whitby led him to be labeled as the "pictorial Boswell of Whitby.

A look back in time to northeastern coastal town and country life, through the lens of an extraordinary photographic artist.

A lifetime's journey from Victorian times through the Edwardian age and beyond.

A wonderful pictorial social history of North Yorkshire, England.

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe - A Photographic Heritage

Supported by the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television.

Written and narrated by David Thornton." from the video introduction

Video from johnrshort

"A selection of Magic Lantern Slides by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. Images of Whitby and Staithes." from the video introduction

Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, Whitby Photography

'If you have ever been to Whitby you will definitely recognize Frank Meadow Sutcliffe’s famous photography. Here we go into detail and discover, just who was Frank Meadow Sutcliffe.

Through Sutcliffe’s photography, we catch a real glimpse of the daily lives of the people who lived and worked in Whitby, we see the wide and varied activities of local life in a busy harbor town. The Abbey, the harbor, fisherfolk, children at play, street scenes of Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, Sandsend, Runswick Bay, and Staithes all feature in Sutcliffe’s extensive catalog. It’s amazing to look back at the place we know and love so well. His work is totally captivating, here you can learn more about Frank Meadow Sutcliffe..." from the article:

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