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Frederick Buechner Sermon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chattanooga, TN - May 2000

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

"Check out all of the Frederick Buechner videos at In this video, Frederick Buechner gives a sermon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Chattanooga, TN on May 2, 2000. For additional videos and more please see" from video introduction

Obituary: Frederick Buechner

Frederick Buechner, a Presbyterian minister and the author of 38 books across several genres, died in Rupert, Vt., on August 15. He was 96.

Born in New York City on July 11, 1926, Buechner (pronounced Beek-ner) began writing his first novel, A Long Day’s Dying, as part of his undergraduate thesis at Princeton University. It was published by Knopf in 1950 to critical acclaim. Over the course of his career, Buechner’s writing spanned fiction, autobiography, theology, essays, and sermons. Publishers of Buechner’s books include Knopf, Simon & Schuster, Athenaeum, and, Westminster John Knox, and, primarily, HarperOne.

Buechner is the recipient of nine honorary degrees (including from Cornell, the University of Virginia, and Yale), the winner of the O. Henry Award, and a finalist for both a Pulitzer and National Book Award. His writing has been compared to Christian thinkers including Jonathan Edwards, C.S. Lewis, Ignatius of Loyola, Thomas Merton, and more. In addition to his writing career, Buechner attended Union Theological Seminary, and was ordained in 1958.." from Obituary: Frederick Buechner

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