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How To Be Old: Lessons In Living Boldly

Video from Katie Couric

How To Be Old: Lessons In Living Boldly

"Lyn Slater is a cultural influencer, model, writer, content creator and former professor. She has a Ph.D. In Social Welfare and has been a social worker for 45 years. She started her blog, Accidental Icon, in September 2014 because she could not find a fashion blog or magazine that offered an urban, modern, intellectual aesthetic and also spoke to people who live "interesting but ordinary lives." Since then, Lyn has reinvented herself as an influencer of popular culture and promotes the use of fashion as a window into society and a vehicle to make personal and social change. Her rejection of age as a variable to be considered in how one dresses, lives and represents oneself has garnered her a loyal fan base of all ages." from the video introduction

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