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Freedom for What? - Doug Wilson and CR Wiley

Video from Cannon Press

"In this clip from Man Rampant, Pastor Doug Wilson and author CR Wiley discuss questions about freedom. When discussing freedom, questions naturally arise: Freedom for whom? Freedom from what? Freedom for what?" from video introduction.

Freedom is a word that gets thrown around a lot like love, it has lost any real meaning. I watch contestants on the TV series "Alone" talk about having freedom as they pass out from malnutrition. Our modern view of freedom seems to be lacking substance.

In this video Doug Wilson talks about when the word freed om is used in a cultural context it is about individual liberty (i.e. moral relativism etc.).

So the question is: freedom from what, freedom for what?

C.R.Wiley discusses petty freedoms and the more significant freedoms of Liberty. Watch the video to hear the full discussion.


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