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Freedom Struggles Around the World - Remember Iran

Freedom Struggles Around the World - Remember Iran

As we Americans celebrate July 4th, often without really understanding all the death and sacrifices that have brought us here let us not forget the struggles ongoing around the world for freedom.

Remember those still dying in Iran, in the Ukraine, Nigeria to name a few places.

Pray for them and their wellbeing, ask God to grant them His mercy!

Jina Mahsa Amini

Jina Mahsa Amini
Jina Mahsa Amini

The Iranian Kurdish woman became a symbol of Iranian government repression after her death in police custody.

Inside the Iranian Uprising (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

"With a trove of gripping footage filmed by protestors, this documentary goes inside the uprising that rocked Iran after the death of a young woman in police custody — and sheds new light on a regime under unprecedented pressure. This journalism is made possible by viewers like you. Support your local PBS station here:​. Last fall, anti-government protests swept across Iran after the death in police custody of a young woman, Mahsa Zhina Amini, who was accused of not adhering to the Islamic regime’s strict dress code. In the crackdown on protests that followed, human rights groups estimate that more than 500 Iranians have been killed, including 72 children. In a country where journalists are tightly controlled, young Iranians have been filming the uprising themselves and posting the videos online. For more than six months, FRONTLINE has been gathering and reviewing over 100 hours of this footage, cross-checking it with testimony from eyewitnesses and protestors, and following activists and exiles who have been gathering evidence of human rights violations. The resulting documentary, “Inside the Iranian Uprising,” premieres on streaming platforms June 29 and on PBS stations August 8. It features the harrowing stories of protestors, some of whom are still in the country and are speaking out despite the risks, and it sheds new light on the lengths to which the regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has gone to put down the uprising. “The people are now like a volcano,” one interviewee says. “I am a volcano.” from video introduction

Inside the Iranian Uprising Review – An Unforgettable Memorial to Teens Who Died for Freedom

"This moving documentary uses smartphone footage to show the astonishing bravery of young protesters who gave their lives fighting a brutal regime. It’s unspeakably powerful

Inside the Iranian Uprising hides a question in its title. How can it be possible to get inside a totalitarian regime, amid a brutal crackdown on protesters, activists and journalists, to tell the story of what has happened over the past nine months in Iran?

It opens with a powerful montage of the sorts of clips that are posted to social media all the time, around the world, of teenagers on a beach, at a wedding, blowing bubbles in the kitchen, swimming, singing, dancing. All of these young people are dead. As the BBC has been banned from working inside Iran, it has instead gathered footage shot mostly by young Iranians on their smartphones and worked with activists and exiles to verify more than 100 hours of clips. In this way, it attempts to piece together what happened after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody, which led to mass protests across the country.

In September 2022, Amini was accused of not wearing her hijab properly and arrested. The police claimed that she died following a heart attack while in custody; most believe she was beaten to death. Protests against the “morality police” and the regime began outside the hospital when she was in a coma and quickly spread across the country, with young women, in particular, taking to the streets to chant “women, life, freedom” and burn their hijabs..." from the article: Inside the Iranian Uprising review – an unforgettable memorial to teens who died for freedom

Iran Jails Activist Held During Protests, Supporters Say

Golrokh Iraee is seen in photo from social media.
Golrokh Iraee is seen in photo from social media.


An Iranian appeals court has jailed for five years prominent activist and journalist Golrokh Iraee who has been held since her arrest at the onset of a protest movement, supporters said Sunday.

Iraee had refused to take part in the appeals court hearing over her sentence for taking part in illegal gatherings and violating national security, saying she did not recognize the legitimacy of the court, rights groups have said.

She was arrested last September in a police raid on her home at the start of the protest movement sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini who had been detained for allegedly violating the strict dress rules for women.

"Golrokh Iraee, who been in Evin prison for 280 days, was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment" by the Tehran court, according to a Twitter account in her name run by supporters.

The court of first instance initially sentenced her to seven years in April.." from the article: Iran Jails Activist Held During Protests, Supporters Say

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