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Genocide is Never "Noble" - Calling Evil Good & Good Evil: Putin's Gambling for Resurrection

Video from TED

Stand with Ukraine in the Fight against Evil | Garry Kasparov | TED

"Ukraine is on the front line of a war between freedom and tyranny, says chess grandmaster and human rights advocate Garry Kasparov. In this blistering call to action, he traces Vladimir Putin's rise to power and details his own path from chess world champion to pro-democracy activist in Russia. His message is a challenge to global leaders to rise in support of Ukraine -- and to choose life and love over death and hatred. "The price of stopping a dictator always goes up with every delay and every hesitation," he says. "Meeting evil halfway is still a victory for evil." - From Video Introduction.

Russia is Still "The Evil Empire" & So Is Every Other Nation!

Video from The Bulwark

"Like Hitler and Mussolini before him, Putin's acting with hubris and arrogance because he's been in power for too long. And to save face, he'll likely escalate his terror tactics in Ukraine. Today, the amorality of strongmen — including Trump. Ruth Ben-Ghiat joins Charlie Sykes." from the video introduction.

Gambling for Resurrection

Gambling for Resurrection is a situation in international relations when a leader weakened domestically is willing to risk war or prolong war to maintain office.

So we find Putin gambling for resurrection as he declines and loses power.

Putin is a Fascist/Totalitarian in his ideology, He has declared himself THE AUTHORITY, HE IS GOD!

Noble means having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.

HE has power over life and death, hence "The Genocide" of the people of the Ukraine.

This is EVIL, this is not NOBLE!

Putin is amoral, in America Trump and his followers are amoral. Trump has authored a cult of personality which is dangerous and ultimately evil as well, like Putin.

Trump is Putin and Putin is Trump!

Amoral means lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something.

America is becoming like Russia and God will, if what the Bible says is true will discipline us for it!

NATO Must Be Ready for the Worst Case - War - NATO former Commander

Video from Times Radio

"NATO’s former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Richard Shirreff speaks to Times Radio about Putin's war on Ukraine." from video introduction.

Former Intelligence Officer Warns Putin Could Force NATO into War - 60 Minutes Australia

"In an exclusive interview with 60 Minutes on the border of Ukraine, former defence planner and intelligence officer with the British Army Philip Ingram says if Putin takes control over Ukraine, NATO has essentially given the ‘bully’ what he wants." from video introduction.


Video from Patrick Lenk

"Please take a moment and pray for the Ukraine, Europe, the World and everybody involved in that war. Let's pray for the support of the best future of humanity! Join the global light forces by prayer now! No matter who you are, your spirituality, background or religious affiliation. Send your prayers, energies and good thoughts to the Ukraine and Europe. Connect with your God, pray, meditate or focus your mind - whatever feels best and fitting for you. Let's focus together for the best outcome. The intention of this stream is neither pro-ukraine nor pro-russian. Its goal is to pray for everybody involved - and not to divide people into "good or bad". Humanity will just be able to move forward to a better tomorrow together, and not against each other. If we ever at some point will be able to stop the seperations among each other, which are externalized inner problems we have, we will be able to create peace for everybody. Thank you! Background Chant: Patrick Lenk - Jesus Prayer (Ukrainian) -' from video introduction.

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