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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable - John Ortberg & Scott Scruggs

Updated: Aug 28

Video from Become

Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

"Scotty Scruggs and I talk about how growth happens at the edge of discomfort. Lean in. Title: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable." from video introduction.

The Feel-Good Gospel

How We Use God for Comfort

"It wasn’t the response I had hoped for.

On our first long-distance call, the future Mrs. Morse asked me how my day had gone. Excited, I detailed how, just that afternoon, I finally had an opportunity to share the gospel with a friend when he opened up to me about a recent breakup. I enthusiastically recounted the conversation with her, assuming she would be impressed.

After listening, she paused, then asked, “Well, did you share the gospel with him?”

She must not have heard me, I thought. I began retelling my story.

“Yes, you told me that. I was just wondering if you shared the good news that Jesus can save him from his sin, death, and God’s wrath through his substitutionary death and subsequent resurrection — not just that God could make him happier after a tough breakup.”

Stunned, I retraced the interaction in my mind. Surely, I had, right?..' from the article: The Feel-Good Gospel


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