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God Doesn't Whisper - Episode 1 (Free)

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Video from American Gospel

"Is God trying to speak to you through signs, impressions, promptings, nudging, or a still small voice? Has God promised to give you personal direct guidance outside Scripture? In this new series, "God Doesn't Whisper," Jim Osman will answer these questions and many more, as he examines the passages often cited to support the modern practice of "hearing the voice of God." Episode one is FREE here. Sign up for AGTV to see the full series at Episodes will be released over the next few months. Episode 1 gives an introduction to the subject of "hearing the voice of God." Does God speak to us outside Scripture? Should we expect regular personal direction by divine revelation? This episode introduces this subject, examines the teachers who promote this doctrine, and briefly explains the importance of getting this right." from video introduction.

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