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"God Is" - John Piper (Sermon Jam)

Updated: Mar 11

Video from Gospel Thoughts

From John Piper's sermon "I AM WHO I AM"

God helping us, we will not blaspheme this God by taking him for granted, or making him peripheral, or calling him the assumed foundation of all the things while it’s the “things” we are really excited about. We dread ever falling under the criticism of Albert Einstein that Charles Misner wrote about twenty years ago.

"I do see the design of the universe as essentially a religious question. That is, one should have some kind of respect and awe for the whole business. . . . It’s very magnificent and shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, I believe that is why Einstein had so little use for organized religion, although he strikes me as a basically very religious man. He must have looked at what the preachers said about God and felt that they were blaspheming. He had seen much more majesty than they had ever imagined, and they were just not talking about the real thing.

When I read that, I said, “O God, never, never let that happen at Bethlehem.” Jason and I believe with all our hearts that there are thousands of people in the Twin Cities and billions in the world who are starving to know the true and living God who absolutely is. And you, Jason, and I know the good news that this God has sent his Son into the world to die for God-belittling sinners like us so that whoever believes in Christ may know this God with joy forever. So we know our calling. We exist to spread a passion for God who absolutely is.

This is where we’ve been. This is where we are going. Untamable, uncontainable, this is an electrically future-creating reality. “I Am Who I Am.” God absolutely is." from the Sermon "I AM WHO I AM"

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