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God's Beautiful People: Andalusia: the Sacred Land of the Gypsies

God's Beautiful People: Andalusia: the Sacred Land of the Gypsies

"Andalusia is the main land of welcome for the Gypsies, who arrived in Spain in the 15th century after being driven out of Rajasthan, in India. They would be today four hundred thousand out of the eight million inhabitants of the region. More than anywhere else, the Gypsies here are proud of their roots and their values. For a long time, they formed a secret community, withdrawn into itself. Today, the Gypsies organize the biggest parties. To be better accepted by Spanish society, most gypsy families have chosen the Catholic religion. Every year, they take to the streets for the holy festivals that the Gypsies reclaim excessively. During Holy Week, we will be with Chesco's family. On Maundy Thursday, its members carry the sacred statue, the Black Madonna. At the same time, in Seville, the whole city vibrates to the sound of drums. A unique moment in the world. Fifty-eight brotherhoods parade with incredible costumes. Over time, the Gypsies have become the stars of Andalusia. Their dresses and their music make you dream. They are the greatest flamenco dancers and the most formidable horse sellers in Spain. They do business without a contract, on their word. Many have swapped their trailers for houses. Some have even dug the rock to settle there. Their way of life fascinates and intrigues. However, a few kilometers from these party places, other Gypsies barely have enough to survive. One in two lives below the poverty line. Director: Melanie Nunes." from video introduction

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