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God's Beauty in Diversity: Appalachian Woman interview-Ruby

"Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Ruby, an eighty-six year old Appalachian woman from Harlan County, Kentucky." from video introduction.

God made us all different for a reason. He knit each of us together in the womb in a unique way that will never in all of eternity be repeated. As sin over and over caused rebellion in heaven and on earth God eventually scattered humans across the globe giving each a distinct language and genetic makeup. Even in discipline God is gracious to us and gives us unique attributes that are remarkable.

People are eternal souls with great value and even though many lack opportunity or wealth they live a happy and productive life.

Ruby age 87 at the time of this interview lived in poverty but not unhappiness and she still lives in much the same manner. We often forget people don't need electronic devices, or the internet or social media to survive or be happy. Ruby like many in America live life slowly, happily without fanfare or any desires to be known.

Our Lord is glorified in the small things of life, in the backwoods home, in the desert pasture of a shepherd.

In your life start now and glorify Christ in all the many mundane tasks of life and be thankful!

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