God's Gift of Music: 2018 Stolen Moments: Joan Chamorro Presenta Alab Armengo Featuring Rita Payes'

Video from Joan Chamorro

"2018 STOLEN MOMENTS ( Oliver Nelson ) del cd Joan Chamorro presenta Alba Armengou ( 11º de la colección) inspirado en la versión de Carmen McRae / Betty Carter Alba Armengou ( voz y trompeta ) Joan Chamorro ( contrabajo dirección) Rita Payés ( trombon y voz) Josep Traver ( guitarra ) Ignasi Terraza, (piano ) Abril Saurí ( bateria ) Grabación David Casamitjana Materización Josep Roig en Temps Rercord Video Ramón Tort La colección completa : Andrea Motis ( 2010) Eva Fernandez ( 2013) Magali Datzira ( 2014) Rita Payés ( 2014 ) La magia de la veu ( 2014 ) Marc Martín ( 2015 ) Joan Mar Sauqué ( 2016) La magia de la veu & Jazz Ensemble ( 2016) Èlia Bastida ( 2017) Joan Codina ( 2017 ) Alba Armengou ( 2018) Carla Motis ( 2018) en preparación Jan Domenech ( 2019) Joana Casanova ( 2019) La serie completa se puede escuchar y adquirir en jazztojazz.com y en https://santandreujazzband.bandcamp.com/ Sant Andreu jazz band Dirección Joan Chamorro 2006-2019 ( 13 años de jazz)" from video introduction.

"As well as an artist in his own right, the superb Spanish multi-instrumentalist Joan Chamorro, is the founder and director of the incredible Sant Andreu Jazz Band, a Jazz youth band based in Barcelona. But this is no ordinary youth band. The band have toured the world, playing festivals and events to packed out houses, recorded many albums and given birth to some stars, such as Andrea Motis. Having dedicated himself to the band for the past 14 years, it is very clear that the magic behind the band is Joan. The work he does is exciting, inspirational, innovative and he is exactly what the world needs right now..." from the article: THE MAGICAL JOAN CHAMORRO

Joan Chamorro and group playing music
Joan Chamorro and Youth


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