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God's Gift of Music: England Dan & John Ford Coley

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Video from Ashley Allen

"Lyrics...Love is the Answer: Name your price A ticket to paradise I can't stay here any more And I've looked high and low I've been from shore, to shore, to shore If there's a short cut I'd have found it But there is no easy way around it Light of the world, shine on me Love is the answer Shine on us all Set us free Love is the answer Who knows why Someday we all must die We're all homeless boys and girls And we are never heard It's such a lonely, lonely, lonely world People turn their heads And walk on by Tell me is it worth just another try Light of the world, shine on me Love is the answer Shine on us all Set us free Love is the answer Tell me, are we alive Or just a dying planet (What are the chances) Ask the man in your heart For the answer And when you feel afraid (Love one another) When you've lost your way (Love one another) And when you're all alone (Love one another) And when you're far from home (Love one another) And when you're down and out (Love one another) And when your hopes run out (Love one another) And when you need a friend (Love one another) And when you're near the end (Love) (We've got to love) (We've got to love one another) Light of the world, shine on me Love is the answer Shine on us all Set us free Love is the answer Light of the world, shine on me Love is the answer' from video introduction

Music like nothing else evokes strong and specific memories in all of us. So for those you who grew up during this time like me will be taken back. I hope that those unfamiliar with the songs of England Dan & John Ford Coley will find some new favorites! Andy

Dan Seals - Everything that Glitters is Not Gold

Video from brotherhamlet

Ryman Country Homecoming disc 3. Coming Home Music 1999. Band: John Clausi - guitar, Hubert Lester, Bill Hullett, Beegie Adair, Billy Adair, Weldon Myrick - steelguitar, Kenny Malone - drums, Ralph Emery - host. ARTISTS disc 3: Barbara Fairchild, Ferlin Husky, Dan Seals, The Geezinslaw Brothers=(Dewayne Smith and Sammy Allred), Lynn Anderson, T Graham Brown, Joe Stampley, Gene Watson. Bobby Bare, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Janie Fricke, Roy Clark, Chet Atkins, Ronnie McDowell, Crystal Gayle, Glen Campbell, Ray Stevens, T.G.Sheppard, Ricky Van Shelton, Hank Thompson, Lorrie Morgan.

"Dan Seals was a Country & Soft Rock musician. He was known initially as "England Dan", in the duo England Dan & John Ford Coley, which he formed with his childhood friend John Coley. As a duo, they've charted nine singles on the Billboard charts between 1976 and 1980, including the hit "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight".

In 1983, Dan pursued a solo career after signing with Capitol Records & moving to Nashville to record Country music. Starting with his debut record on Capitol, "Rebel Heart", Dan achieved a string of 20+ consecutive Top 10's across 16 albums. Some of the notable singles include his duet with Marie Osmond "Meet Me in Montana", "God Must Be A Cowboy", his cover of Sam Cooke's "Good Times" and "Bop". Following the release of his charting 1991 Record "Walking The Wire", He continued recording solo and later touring with his brother Jim as Seals & Seals.

In 2009, Dan had unfortunately passed away from mantle cell Lymphoma in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2010, a duet of "These Dreams" Seals had recorded with Juice Newton on her duets record that year, and Kenny Rogers included a cover of "It's Gonna Be Easy Now" that was released on his 2013 record.' from the website:

John Ford Coley

"There are songs you hear in your life that transport you to a certain time period or give you a special feeling. You associate those good times to the group that made them famous. Songs like “I’d Really Love To See You Tonigh t,” “Nights Are Forever Without You” and “Love Is The Answer” have that kind of effect on people. Those songs and numerous others have made John Ford Coley a singing legend. He has spent decades touring, writing, recording, and producing.

John is most revered as half of the Grammy nominated duo England Dan and John Ford Coley. He continues with an active roster performing the platinum and gold record hits for audiences around the world. Classically trained on piano and a n avid guitarist, John loves the craft and enjoys every audience he encounters.

With double platinum and gold records behind him, John has also produced other artists. Most recently, he co -produced several sides on Eddie Money. Country musician, Vince Gill added vocals along with John to give the sessions a country feel. Additionally, John has produced CD’s on Country Artist Tom Wurth and another talent, Lynn Bryant.

Of late, John recorded a live album while he was on tour in the Philippines with many of the hits while also recording a CD entitled “The Best of John Ford Coley.” John is currently doing something he has longed to do for awhile by recording a brand new CD entitled “Eclectic” of all new material for an acoustic/Americana album due to be released in mid 2016.." from the website:

JOHN FORD COLEY Love Is The Answer Live in LA

Video from The Fourth Way World, LLC

"JOHN FORD COLEY sings "Love Is The Answer" live for an L.A. Audience at The Village Studios in a special evening celebrating his career. This tracks closes Side B on his latest album: LONG WAY HOME: Live in Israel and L.A. This clips features John telling the audience why this song, written by Todd Rundgren, was always so special for him. He tells of the excitement of having such a large hit with it in 1979, even during the heat of the disco era, and he makes a moving dedication to musical partner Dan Seals. The Career defining album presents John Ford Coley as a One Man on the Piano, Keyboards, and his Nashville Guitar. "Love Is The Answer" was a megahit in 1979 by England Dan & John Ford Coley from the duo's Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive album. In this piano only version, Coley shows why it has become his signature tune. Beautifully performed throughout, the album is filled with hits from his days with "England" Dan Seals, standards in the USA, and also includes many worldwide hits played for American audiences for the first time. The Album features beautiful and passionate performance of new songs from his recent ECLECTIC album, an album featuring songs written or co-written by John Ford Coley. John's musicianship shows him as one of the greatest treasures in Rock and Country music today. Oh, and he is one of the most charming storytellers out there. His banter with his fans is hysterical and reminds us that Rock and Roll is supposed to be fun, too. He and the crowds love each other. And you'll hear that on LONG WAY HOME." from video from introduction


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