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God's Gift of Music: Guitarist Billy Strings - The Future of Bluegrass

Have you heard the music of Guitarist Billy String?

If not then jump on board!

Even if you're not a fan of Bluegrass you are still in for a treat!

Guitarist Billy Strings
Guitarist Billy Strings

About Billy Strings

One of the top emerging artists across all genres of music, Billy Strings has made his most ambitious album to date with Renewal, a 16-song collection that effortlessly positions him as a singular talent—one who reveres the history of the acoustic music that inspired him, while pushing it forward into new spaces and audiences through his incredible live shows.

Serving as a reflection of Strings' diverse musical influences, Renewal reaches well beyond bluegrass with elements of heavy metal, jam bands, psychedelic music and classic rock—even though it's still primarily an acoustic record. The album follows his Grammy Award-winning project, Home, as well as industry recognition ranging from Pollstar's Breakthrough Artist of the Pandemic to the International Bluegrass Music Association's Guitar Player of the Year and New Artist of the Year.

“I've learned, you've just got to let the song do its thing,” shares Strings. “So that's what I try to do—write songs and let them come out however they do.”.. from his website:

Guitarist Billy Strings, the "future of bluegrass"

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

"William Apostol knew from a tender age that he wanted to play bluegrass. Growing up in a Michigan trailer park, he learned to play guitar from his stepfather, and briefly played heavy metal. But today, as Billy Strings, he's been dubbed the "future of bluegrass," thanks to his Grammy Award-winning album "Home." Correspondent Conor Knighton talks with the musician about his inspirations; his upcoming album "Me and Dad"; and how – after years of reflecting on the past – he's now looking ahead in his music.' from video introduction

Billy Strings "Man Of Constant Sorrow" & "Everything's The Same"- The Ryman in Nashville, TN 5/6/22

Video from nugsnet

"Watch the full, official concert video exclusively at! All three nights of Billy Strings live at the Ryman in Nashville." from video introduction

Drugs, Bluegrass, and Bass Fishing: How Billy Strings Outran His Past and Infiltrated the Mainstream

"Billy Strings BACKS his black Jeep Gladiator down to the lip of Nashville’s Percy Priest Lake and hops out to unhook the tricked-out bass boat he’s towing behind him. The heavy sounds of Primus, one of his favorite bands, spill loudly out of the cab, where old Combos wrappers, cigarette butts, and fishing lures are strewn about. Strings, in a Dickies work coat with “Boomer” embroidered over the heart and a “Billy Strings” patch on the opposite side, lets his cigarette dangle from his mouth while he frees the boat from the trailer in a pair of white fishing gloves.

“I love this little fucker,” he says, tossing me a line attached to the boat before jumping back into the Jeep to park it nearby. “Just walk it into the water like a dog — and don’t let it float away.”

Soon, Strings is bounding back down the parking lot, onto the small dock, and behind the wheel of his boat, a 16-foot Tracker he bought as a birthday gift to himself a few years ago. On board, there’s about a dozen fishing rods, tackle boxes full of assorted rubber worms and crankbaits, and some egg sandwiches and orange energy drinks he brought to share. The lightning-fingered bluegrass musician is unfailingly considerate. He’s also an inveterate bass fisherman.." from the article: Drugs, Bluegrass, and Bass Fishing: How Billy Strings Outran His Past and Infiltrated the Mainstream

Jackson Browne & Billy Strings, Running On Empty (live), San Francisco, Sept. 29, 2022

Video from Tim Bracken

"Jackson Browne and Billy Strings play Browne's song "Running On Empty" live in concert before a sold-out crowd at the Camp Winnarainbow benefit concert at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, California on September 29, 2022. The song was the title track of Browne's fifth album, Running On Empty (1977). Joining them in this performance were husband and wife duo The Mastersons: Chris Masterson (guitar) and Eleanor Whitmore (fiddle). Browne and Strings performed as part of a songwriters' circle at Toward The Fun(ds): A Concert Benefitting Camp Winnarainbow. The camp, founded by Wavy Gravy, is a kids' summer camp focused on circus, juggling, acting, and clown performance. It provides scholarships to families in need to keep the camp open to all children. To donate in support of these efforts, please visit " from video introduction


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