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God's Gift of Music: Singer, Songwriter Natalie Merchant

Do you remember the band 10,000 Maniacs?

Well I do from back in the 1980's and what stood out about them was the haunting and distinctive voice of Natalie Merchant!

10,000 Maniacs
10,000 Maniacs

Natalie Merchant has been solo for a very long time and seems to have her own lane in the music world. If you have not heard her music before you will enjoy these videos and articles.

Natalie was lead vocalist and lyricist for the group and was with them for their first seven albums and left to begin her solo career in 1993. She has since released seven studio albums as a solo artist.

Natalie Merchant - Big Girls (feat. Abena Koomson-Davis) (Official Video)

Video from Natalie Merchant

"Produced by Machine Street Projects BIG GIRLS (words & music by Natalie Merchant) Always thought the game came easy, you never thought about it twice. Your luck was leaving, so, you just threw the dice and time was on your side. Time, was always on your side. But times got tough and life got even. So, you told yourself some lies. And now you truly do believe that there’s only one way to survive: you hold on to your pride. Big girls, they don’t cry, heart of stone, gone cold as ice. They close the door, they keep it all inside. You trusted love but love’s deceiving. Now you know that it’s unfair, you know love is so unfair. But it hurts the worst, believe me, when you show them that you care; so, never show that you care. Big girls, they don’t cry; heart of stone, gone cold as ice. They close the door, they keep it all inside. Know when to hide, know when to fight. Tell the lies, that’s how they survive. Don’t let them see, don’t give yourself away. Hold on, hold on! Keep your head girl, there’s so much more at stake. Hold on, hold on! You took a hit and the ship is going down. Hold on, hold on! A spark is lit and the fire is spreading fast. Hold on, hold on! See clouds are bursting and the water’s rising fast. Hold on, hold on! Stop the wrecking ball or the walls are coming down. Hold on, hold on!' from video introduction

"Natalie Merchant is an alternative rock singer and songwriter who rose to fame with her debut album ‘Tigerlily’. One the most accomplished musicians of present era, she has been lauded for her creativity and extremely emotional lyrics. Many of her songs are an outcry of women rights, asserting their status quo and the abuses inflicted on them. While some others, especially from the album ‘Motherland’ are dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Certain other themes of her songs include, childhood and innocence which she composed keeping in mind the 19th and 20th century British and American poems on childhood. Today, she is one of the most versatile and ingenious artists in the music industry of America and has been highly regarded by the critics. Her career which began in the late 1990s is marked by some songs which she performed for the band ‘10,000 Maniacs’ and several solo songs after splitting from the band. Almost all her albums have been well-received, though she has not yet received any awards. However, she has collaborated with the greatest singers of today, to produce some of her tracks. She has also been accompanied by them on several tours and stage performances. Merchant is also known for her social activism and philanthropic works. Read about her life and career in the biography below... from the article Natalie Merchant Biography

Natalie Merchant interview - Keep Your Courage, love in all its forms, and a lot more (2023)

Video from FaceCulture

"Video interview with American singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant. FaceCulture spoke with Natalie about falling into music by accident, the challenge in writing lyrics, the desire to write new songs, Keep Your Courage, illustrating her songs with music, Hunting The Wren, social commentary in her songs, an album about love in all its incarnations, Greek mythology, and a lot more! (31/03/2023)

0:00: Natalie about falling into music by accident 3:04 the challenge in writing lyrics 4:33 the desire to write new songs 7:46 Keep Your Courage 10:22 illustrating her songs with music 12:23 Hunting The Wren 15:29 social commentary in her songs 17:56 an album about love in all its incarnations 20:50 Greek mythology" from video introduction

Wonder - Natalie Merchant - 1996

Video from Jiggs111

"Natalie Merchant performs Wonder on David Letterman 1996 (Jennifer Turner on guitar)" from the video introduction

Blackberry Sessions: Natalie Merchant

Video from Blackberry Farm

"Natalie Merchant visited Blackberry Farm as part of our annual Americana Music Association weekend. During her stay, she journeyed to Blackberry Mountain. She settled in at the Library and shared a beautiful acoustic version of "Motherland." At Blackberry, we love music – discovering new artists, welcoming back old friends and sharing moments wrapped in beautiful sound. With the Great Smoky Mountains as our backdrop, our proprieties, Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain, have hosted a diverse music series that offers guests an intimate concert experience with the likes of legends, superstars and up-and-coming talents. The Blackberry Sessions invites everyone to share in the unique magic that is felt here." from video introduction

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