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God's Gift of Music: Tears for Fears

Those of you who remember the rock group "Tears for Fears", raise your hand! Ah yes the 1980's!!

And then their hit "Everybody wants to Rule the World" with its great vocals and arrangement.

"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" was a reflection of the times in which it was written and yes people still want to rule the world!

"Tears for Fears" is back and with a New Album: The Tipping Point

But like many groups founding members Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith had a falling out with each other and did not speak for 9 years. But as life often works they found each other again through the sufferings and realities of a life under the sun.

By listening to their story we can learn something about our story and as a bonus we get their great music as well!

Video from CBS Sunday Morning

"Performing as the group Tears for Fears, English pop rockers Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith had hits in the 1980s with such songs as "Shout" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." But after an acrimonious split in 1991, the two didn't speak to one another for nine years. They have since reunited, and are about to release Tears for Fears' first album in 17 years, "The Tipping Point." Correspondent Tracy Smith sits down with Orzabal and Smith – soon to embark on a U.S. tour – to find out how their musical collaboration helped heal a personal tragedy." from video introduction.

Video from SomeSkitsandOtherBits

"Sorry for my YouTube hiatus; as of recent I have finished my year 12 exams and I am hence awaiting my ATAR score. In the reference list, the 'date accessed' is the date I assembled the bibliography. Here is my list of ReFeReNcEs:.." from video introduction.

Did Tears for Fears Define the 80's?

Video from Professor of Rock

"All for freedom and for pleasure. Hey Music Junkies, the Professor of Rock, always here to celebrate the greatest artists and songs of all time with our latest edition of The New Standards. Tears for Fears created the definitive song of the 80s, Everybody Wants to Rule the World almost by accident. Roland Orzabal wrote it as the last song to appear on their multi-platinum album “Songs From the Big Chair” with a stellar Curt Smith lead vocal. The song went to number one in 1985, making TFF the biggest band of the year and making this song a standard for the ages. Here is the story." from video introduction.


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