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God's Gift of Music - Watch a Prodigy Create -- from Four Notes in a Hat!

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Video from 60 Minutes

"60 Minutes pulls four musical notes out of hat, and young composer Alma Deutscher takes off, improvising a piano sonata in under a minute." from video introduction.

Waltz of the Sirens, by Alma Deutscher

Video from Alma Deutscher

"Waltz of the Sirens (Sirenenklänge Walzer) composed by Alma Deutscher, performed at Carnegie Hall, Dec 2019.

The waltz was the ending of Alma's sold-out debut at Carnegie Hall, in which she also played her violin concerto and her piano concerto. Dame Jane Glover conducting the Orchestra of St. Luke's Transmission presented by Viking. Siren Sounds Waltz is also available in piano version on Alma's new album, From My Book of Melodies: Concert presented by the Packard Humanities Institute and Columbia Artists. Thumbnail photo credit: (c) Chris Lee The entire concert can be watched on Medici.TV:" from video introduction.

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