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God(s) of Israel (900-720 BCE) 3 of 63

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Video from Sam Aronow

God(s) of Israel (900-720 BCE)

"Part 3 of a series on Jewish History! The Jewish people's road to monotheism was anything but smooth. It took centuries of intrigue, political and natural catastrophe, and a bloody rivalry between the followers of El and Baal. This episode looks at how that process began." from video introduction.

"After Solomon‘s death, representatives of the northern tribes demanded the implementation of reforms, which Rehoboam promised them. He was Solomon’s son. Since Rehoboam did not fulfill his promise, ten of northern tribes refused to recognize him as the ruler. North kept the name Israel and proclaimed Jeroboam, the former leader of the rebellion against Solomon, to be the king. Only tribes Judea and Benjamin remained faithful to him. After the separation, the Egyptian ruler, Shoshenq I, tried to restore the Egyptian authorities in the southern Canaan (Palestine), which resulted in great destruction on the territory of both kingdoms. Although power was not restored, Israel and Judah have weakened. The capital of Judea has continued to be Jerusalem, and the Temple of Solomon remained the center of worshiping. On the other hand, Jeroboam (930-910 BC) decided to build a new capital, as well as a religious center. The Old Testament says that in Bethel and Dan he built shrines dedicated to Yahweh..." from the article: Israel and Judah (900-720 BC)

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