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God's Omniscience - Scott Ardavanis

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

"God's Omniscience, Our Worship

Isn’t it fascinating to think about the all-knowing nature of our God? Our eternal God spoke the heavens into place. His perfect design of creation was not studied or learned; he knows everything (Isaiah 40:13-14). There is nothing that God ever improved upon knowing. He never needs an advanced study of any subject, any place or anyone. Our time in history is called “the Information Age,” and God does not even need to process it; He, by nature, already knows it. It’s an interesting concept, but God does not discover anything. I wonder what He thinks when mankind finally makes a scientific discovery. For instance, the telescope that can see the galaxies but never see an end to space. Although unbelievers continue to suppress the truth, we have the privilege of worshiping and marveling at our Creator and His amazing design..." from the website: Grace Church of the Valley

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